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Commercial Property

The Commercial Property Enhancement Endorsement provides superior protection for your business' buildings, structures, equipment, supplies and inventory. Designed specifically to provide broad coverage for a variety of losses, the Commercial Property Enhancement Endorsement can enhance your company's financial well-being.

Protecting Your Business

Protecting your business with the right insurance coverage is important and the Commercial Property Enhancement Endorsement from Western Reserve Group can help.

This endorsement combines many frequently requested property coverages to round out your insurance program.

Though most of these coverages could be purchased separately, by bundling these coverages together in one endorsement you are able to obtain the needed coverages conveniently and more cost effectively.

Ask your Independent Insurance Agent to quote a Commercial Property Enhancement Endorsement with your Western Reserve Group commercial policy today!


  • Causes of Loss - Special Form CP 10 30 must be applicable and theft must be covered.
  • Building(s) should be constructed within the last 40 years or have been substantially modernized during the last 40 years. Modernization would include plumbing, heating, electrical, etc.
  • If buildings are insured, replacement cost coverage must be provided on all buildings.
  • Minimum coinsurance is 80%.

This brochure is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the Commercial Property Enhancement Endorsement. Please refer to the endorsement for actual terms, conditions, coverages, limits and exclusions.