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Cyber-Data Compromise

Nearly 60% of small businesses will close within six months of a data breach. A breach does not have to put you out of business.

With coverage from Western Reserve Group, you get a dedicated unit delivering immediate response service and expertise to protect your customers and your business. If you are sued because of the breach, we defend you. Coverage includes settlements and fines imposed by a regulator.

You can focus on your business, because we are focused on handling your breach.

Did you know that a data breach is 2.5 times more costly than a burglary?

To comply with data protection laws, businesses must provide a breach response. That is where our coverage comes in. We arrange and pay for:

  • Forensic Investigation
  • Legal Guidance
  • Customer Notification
  • Call Center
  • Credit Monitoring / ID Protection
  • Crises Management Expertise

And we also protect from:

  • Breach Lawsuits
  • Regulatory fines and penalties that arise out of a covered breach.
  • Privacy Liability from a data breach.

No Business is Immune

If it could happen to these businesses, it could happen to yours:

  • Pizza Restaurant: Point of Sale Attack led to theft of 600 customer credit card numbers.
  • Contractor: Laptop with client’s customer lists was stolen from vehicle.
  • Landlord: Backup tapes with residents’ SSNs from 15-year span were lost in transit.
  • Retailer: Former athletic store employee stole names and SSNs of customers to commit fraud.
  • Medical Office: 6,325 letters with personal information were sent to the wrong people.

Bad Things Do Happen

Over 40% of American businesses say they have experienced a data breach during the past year, and small entities are the target in more than half the attacks. Local shops, restaurants, contractors, landlords and all types of service businesses appear in breach reports. What would you do if a data breach happened to you? How would you protect your customers and your business?

The clock is ticking after a breach. Under most state and some federal laws, you must investigate, find the cause of breach and notify affected customers promptly. Delays can result in fines and lawsuits.

Burger and a Breach — A $30,000 tab

A restaurant learned from its credit card companies that it had a breach. Immediately forensic investigators were sent and found 6,000 affected customers. Privacy counsel recommended the insured post notifications on its website and in print media to comply with the law.  Credit Monitoring and ID Assistance services were offered.  The total bill for all services was $30,000.  Thanks to Cyber-Data Compromise Coverage like ours, their tab was covered.

With so many ways of being a victim, you need Cyber-Data Compromise Coverage and an insurer able to help you whatever the cause.

To Prevent a Breach

A Loss Prevention website is available to all insureds with the latest guidance and tips for preventing a breach. You can learn the common mistakes – and how to avoid them.

  • 84% of customers say the best way a company can regain their trust after a breach occurs is to notify them right away and maintain communication. We can help with that.

Small business breaches increased 44% in two years.  Are you prepared?

Cyber-Data Compromise Coverage takes care of your business if this should happen to you.  One phone call or email will put an experienced breach response unit to work for you.