The Western Reserve Group offers a comprehensive and competitively priced portfolio of personal, farm, and commercial insurance products. The products are backed by experienced employees dedicated to providing the best possible products and service to agents and policyholders.

The Personal Umbrella Liability Program

Protect yourself, your family, and all of your personal assets from towering legal judgments.

Lawsuits costing millions of dollars take place every day. It is possible that you could be held financially responsible for an accident involving:

  • An automobile
  • Your home
  • Your snowmobile or boat
  • Entertaining or hosting parties
  • Acting as a public volunteer or civic leader

Don't Take Chances

Umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy anymore

The Umbrella Policy provides excess and additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your personal auto and homeowners policies.

Your primary homeowners and auto policies may have limitations that a Personal Umbrella Policy would address. Should you find yourself to be the responsible party as a result of an unfortunate accident, would your primary policies provide you with the coverage you need?

Our standard Umbrella Policy provides a limit of $1 Million. Higher limits are available. In addition, the Umbrella Policy provides protection against hazards that may not be covered by primary policies such as:

Personal Injury - False arrest, wrongful entry or eviction, libel, slander, defamation of character, invasion of privacy and others.

Negligent Property Damage - Including property rented to, used by, or in your care, custody, or control (except when you have agreed to buy insurance).

Worldwide Liability Protection

Inflation Steadily Erodes Your Policy Limits

To protect you in the event of a catastrophic liability loss, the Western Reserve Group offers an affordable Personal Umbrella Policy

Inflation continues to erode the real dollar protection provided by your primary insurance policies that only a few years ago may have been adequate.

Ever increasing court judgments, combined with inflation, make the purchase of a Personal Umbrella Policy a critical part of any plan to protect your personal assets.

Contact your Western Reserve Group agent to find out how a Personal Umbrella Policy can provide peace of mind and protect your financial future.

The Personal Umbrella Policy is one of the best values in insurance today

Our standard $1 Million Umbrella Policy can cost less than $200 making it one of the best financial planning tools available today!