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Service Line Coverage

Service Line Failures Catch Homeowners Off Guard and Exposed

Most homeowners are not aware that they own and are responsible for the repair or replacement of service lines on their property (the pipes and wiring that bring hot water, electricity and other services to their home).

Many homeowner policies do not cover underground piping and wiring that is damaged by common events such as tree root invasion, freezing, excavation, accidents, corrosion, and erosion. So most homeowners are still exposed to uninsured damage to their property, expensive repair, and displacement of their family while repairs are being made.

Service Line Coverage Pays for More Than Pipes and Wires

  • Service line repairs entail more than simply replacing the damaged pipe or wiring. In many cases repair can mean digging up landscaping, driveways and sidewalks to get to the site of the break.
  • Service line coverage includes the costs associated with outdoor property such as trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, walkways or sidewalks that are damaged as a direct result of the service line failure.
  • If the home must be vacated until repairs are made, Service Line Coverage pays for hotels, meals, rent or other living expenses or for generators or other temporary equipment needed to remain in their home.
  • Service Line Coverage will pay up to $10,000 per occurrence after a $1,000 deductible.

Service Lines Covered

Coverage applies to homeowner- owned, exterior, and underground:

  • Water piping that connects from the dwelling to a public water supply or private well.
  • Sewer piping that connects from the dwelling to a public sewer system or private septic system.
  • A power line that provides electrical service to the dwelling or other structure.
  • Piping that connects to a heat pump in support of a geothermal system.

The Risks Are Real

These examples of potential losses demonstrate how important Service Line Coverage can be.

  • Tree roots grew and split the water pipes which ran from the road to the insured's property. Total loss: $8,200
  • Sewage pipe from the property was replaced after it collapsed due to age and corrosion. Total loss: $9,500
  • Prolonged exposure to water damaged the insulation and resulted in arcing to the underground electric service line. This resulted in necessary excavation and replacement. Total loss: $10,000
  • Water line broke and had to be replaced as well as repair damage to lawn and driveway. Total loss: $7,525