The Western Reserve Group offers a comprehensive and competitively priced portfolio of personal, farm, and commercial insurance products. The products are backed by experienced employees dedicated to providing the best possible products and service to agents and policyholders.

Liability Coverages

Farm liability coverage includes:

  • $300,000 Bodily injury and property damage*
  • $1,000 Medical payments to others*
  • $100000 Fire legal liability*
  • $300,000 Personal injury and advertising injury liability*
  • $25,000 Limited farm pollution liability coverage”
  • Damage to property of others
  • Watercraft with motors not exceeding 50 horsepower
  • Custom farming up to $5,000 in annual receipts (additional charge if receipts are in excess of $5,000)
  • Product liability (milk contamination coverage)


* Higher limits available